Sugar Creek Academy

Community-Centered Child-Led Learning Immersed & Infused in Nature

Give Your Child a Safe & Fun Space to Learn, 
Get Community Support, and Contribute Meaningfully.

Sugar Creek Academy is a child-led, nature-infused community and learning experience. We welcome children of all ages to come here, be curious, explore nature, build confidence, make friends, and create memories, while their parents connect, learn, have fun, build community and contribute meaningfully.

They don’t say “it takes a village” for nothing!

Sugar Creek Academy is a learning community that was born out of necessity. Raising & educating children is tough! We aren’t meant to do this thing alone, but modern day living doesn’t easily accommodate communal living. 

After searching for just the right solution and coming up empty handed, SCA Founder, Gina Donnell, decided to design and create the solution… 

Looking down on three smaller children of varying ages and an adult making origami frogs with color squares of paper. They are sitting on the floor in a circle.

– SCA –
Where Families & Nature Come to Play!

A happy bee sitting on a white flower with pink edges. Secular homeschool co-op embraces people of all beliefs.

Secular Community

Doctrine and dogma aren’t taught here, but if you do practice a religion yourself, you’re welcome and accepted in this space!

Two small children wading into a shallow pool at the bottom of a small waterfall. The sun is shining and you can see a forest in the background.

All Are Welcome

Not just homeschoolers! SCA is a place for children of all ages who want to play in groups, do arts & crafts, and spend time in nature.

A young girl presents to the group in a brightly lid room in front of a free-standing whiteboard holding her project poster with an illustration of the Unites States.

Child-Led Learning

SCA is a place for children to be curious, explore, gain confidence, and make friends & memories without constraints.   

Who Sugar Creek Academy is For and Not For

While families from all walks of life are welcome here at Sugar Creek Academy, we understand that not everyone is looking for a community quite like this one. Please consider the following points to see if you are a good fit before reaching out to us.

SCA is for you if you want…

  • Your child to learn in a secular space.
  • To be involved in your child’s learning.
  • To encourage a love for nature & learning about the world around us.
  • The support of a like-minded community.

SCA is NOT for you if…

  • You’re looking for a drop-off program. (SCA is not a drop-off program.)
  • You prefer to be involved in communities that are centered around your religion. (While people with all religious practices, walks, and backgrounds are welcome here, SCA is a secular community without any religious focus or influence.)
  • You do not want to be involved and help contribute to the community. (While we do not track hours or require specific contributions, SCA parent involvement is critical to the function of the community. Our group thrives on parent volunteerism and participation. The more we all pitch in, the greater the experience will be!)

Want to Come & Explore & Play with Us?

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